- Island Cruises, represented in Brazil by Sun & Sea, hired Cruise Service to realize the operation for onboard expenses with credit card. 

- The integrity of the information collected your passengers, in specific the data of the credit cards, it´s insured for the most modern communication technology between programs and servers, denominated of Microsoft Company.- The data are codified with asymmetric cryptography, what guarantees that all the codes are only, not having repetition and turning impossible the violation for non authorized. 

- Every transmission of data between the ship and the processing structure in the head office, yonder having codified (cryptography) it only accesses the database with connection allowed by the server (firewall). 

- Since then all the transactions they are made through safe connection (pattern https), following a rigorous pattern of certain safety for Companies of credit card.


- The onboard expenses are collected in American dollars (US$), exchanged in Real (R$) using the day dollar tourism as parity. Daily our system receives an electronic file from the ship, containing the value from onboard expenses of each passenger's day, being requested to the companies of credit cards as a
pres- authorizations.

- The values are collected in invoice of the passenger's credit card in Real ($), because that operation is processed in Brazil, where the legislation doesn't allow to realize transactions in dollar, but only in equivalent national coin. 

- The onboard expenses are parceled automatically in five installments in Real (R$), since the daily value is superior to R$ 50,00 (fifty real), certain minimum value for the credit card administrators.